Project start in Jordan

The EU-Twinning project in Jordan has started

On Tuesday 9th of February 2016 the Twinning Project "Reduce Discrepancies between the physical reality and the Graphical cadastral information in Jordan for the Department of Lands and Survey" was launched during an opening ceremony with attendance of H.E. the Minister of Finance, Mr. Omar Malhas, and H.E. the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Imad Najib Fakhoury, together with H.E. the Ambassadors of the European Union (Mr. Andrea Matteo Fontana), Sweden (Ms. Helena Gröndahl Rietz ) and the Netherlands (Mr. Paul van den Ijssel).

The goal of the Twinning Project is to enhance the technical and administrative capacities of the Department of Lands and Survey (DLS) in the field of cadastre and land administration, in order to provide complete, accurate, objective and up to date information.

The main beneficiary of the project is the Department of Lands and Survey while other ministries and agencies within Jordan will participate in and benefit from the project, mainly: Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Municipal Affairs, The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre and The Association for Owner of Land Survey Offices.

This is the second Twinning project in Jordan with DLS and the new project will continue where the previous project ended and continue to enhance and develop a sustainable land management system with focus on the problem with the discrepancies in the cadastral maps. Increasing the institution cooperation including data sharing between authorities, municipalities and other stakeholders are also very essential and is one of the components in the project. Strengthening the capacity building is also a very important part in the project and is included as training of trainers, study visits to Sweden and the Netherlands to exchange experience and transfer know-how and one component is to prepare a capacity action plan.

Project manager is Mr. Lars Lindgren, Swedesurvey, and Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) is Ms. Kholoud Saad Salama, Swedesurvey.

This project is financed by the European Union under the Support to the Implementation of the Action Plan Program (SAPP-III)
Twinning Number: JO14/ENP/JH/26 - EuropeAid/136623/DH/ACT/JO