Swedesurvey awarded contract in Mongolia The Director General of ALAGaC, Mr. Ayurzana Khurelshagai at his opening speech of the conference in Ulan Baator on NSDI, Cadastral Systems and Addressing Systems. In November Swedesurvey signed a project contrac

Training Course for Wuhan Municipality Bureau of Land Resource and Planning from Hubei Province in CHINA

The group consisted of members from Wuhan Municipality Bureau of Land Resource and Planning. The group leader was Mr. Xiao Jianhua, Chairman of the Wuhan Geomatics Institute. They participated in a three weeks training course during October 2013, organized by Swedesurvey.

The course included the following items:

  • General presentation of land/cadastre/real property management in Sweden
  • Geodesy, CORS and Social Applications
  • Digital Archive and international cooperation experience
  • Visit to Gävle Municipality, introduction to planning processes and GIS applications
  • DEM and LIDAR in Sweden
  • The Swedish Integrated Real Property Information Management system and relevant laws
  • Visit to the Land Registration division in Lantmäteriet in Norrtälje, information about the cadastre and real property registration proces
  • INSPIRE from European Union and its implementation in Sweden, NSDI, Data Sharing, Digital City and Global Environmental and Security Monitoring System
  • Swedish Cadastre Management System
  • Swedish Real Property Market and Mass Evaluation System
  • SWOT analysis and group work
  • Visit to different Swedish private companies, such as Agency9 for effective publishing of 3D data to internet, BLOM Sweden for outsourcing aerial photographing and LIDAR Scanning, Eniro for yellow page searching and SEB for real property information sharing to a private bank
  • Visit to Haninge Municipality for their development of digital city concept

The course was very successful and all participants promised to localize the advanced Swedish experiences within the relevant areas into their daily work when they are back in China. Swedesurvey and the group agreed to organize more exchange of information and knowledge in the coming years.