Visit from Anhui province

17 participants from the Anhui province participated in the training course to learn about the Swedish experience and technology in the area of cadastre management, GIS development and Survey & Mapping.

The group was led by Mr. Fu Qin, Deputy Section Director from Department of Land and Resource for Anhui Province. 

The course was held mainly in Gävle but also included visits to Sundsvall and Stockholm. The schedule included, among other things:

  • 3D Cadastre Management
  • Swedish DEM and LiDAR project, including 3D city models and E-governance
  • NSDI (National Spatial Data Infrastructure) in Sweden, including Geo-Data cooperation, improved efficiency for societal development, INSPIRE and GMES
  • The Swedish integrated Real Property System
  • Geodesy and SWEPOS (CORS)

In Sundsvall the group visited Swedish Transport Administration to get information about the ongoing project E4 Sundsvall which is 20 km new motorway, including 33 bridges and 5 intersections. The bridge over the fjord is 2109 meters and is the biggest bridge construction now ongoing in Europe.

The group was very positive, eager to learn and we had many fruitful and rewarding discussions during the different lectures and study visits. We at Swedesurvey thank the visitors for their genuine interest, professional attitude and open mind making this a very successful training.