fYROM (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

Swedesurvey is currently undertaking a capacity building project at the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) to assist in the implementation of the Strategic Plan. This follows a project in which technical assistance was provided to support capacity building in both the public and the private sector for actors in the field of land administration and to support the implementation of the Real Estate Cadastre project. Swedesurvey also provided AREC with support in the design, development and implementation of an Information Technology and Communication System, in the transition of responsibilities for surveying and mapping from the public sector to private enterprise and in organizational development in order for AREC to become a self-financing body.

Projects in this country: Capacity Building SAGW

Capacity Building in Skopje

Swedesurvey, in a joint venture with the Dutch Cadastre International and the Land Registers of Scotland, was chosen by Sida to deliver Technical Assistance to Support Capacity Building at the State Agency for Geodetic Works (...

Country area: 
25 713 sq.km.
Country inhabitants: 
Ethnic Macedonian 64%, Albanian 25%, Turks 3.5%, Romanies 2.5%, other 5 %
Country language: 
Macedonian, Albanian, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Romany
Country capital: 
Country currency: 
Denar (MKD)