The Kyrgyz Republic

Swedesurvey successfully performed land administration services and data essential for a functioning land and real estate market to the World Bank project “First Land and Real Estate Registration Project” (LRERP) in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The project was funded by Sida, the Swedish International Development cooperation Agency, and constituted support to the World Bank financed implementation project of LRERP. The implementing organizations were Swedesurvey and Gosregister, the Kyrgyz State Agency on Registration of Rights to immovable Property, under supervision of the World Bank.

The project included three main components: (a) institutional development, (b) operational services and (c) training. The results have been very successful. Land Registration Offices (LROs) have been set up in all rayons (50) of the Kyrgyz Republic and the number of registered Immovable Property Units (1,382,000 in the end of 2005) was more than double the expected amount (600,000).
The project was implemented in three phases from August 2000 through March 2006, when it was delivered and approved.

The operational services included the following works: cadastral mapping and land registration through an advanced Land Information System (KLIS).

It was acknowledged by the management of the World Bank as one of the most successful project in the world and received an award in April, 2008.

Projects in this country: Support to The Kyrgyz Republic

Sweden was financing the Technical Assistance component of a World Bank loan taken by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

GosRegister is the Kyrgyz Government agency with responsibility for the implementation of the Land and Real Estate Registration Project. The project was aiming at...

Country area: 
198 500
Country inhabitants: 
Kyrgyz 66%, Uzbeks 14%, Russians 11%, other 9%
Country language: 
Kyrgyz, Russian
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Country currency: 
Som (KGS)