Visit from the Ministry of Lands and Resources of China

In the beginning of December Swedesurvey hosted a delegation from the Financial Department of the Ministry of Lands and Resources of China (MLR).

This is one out of a series of workshops and training campaigns conducted for Chinese delegations during 2013. During the recent visit at MLR by Mr. Stefan Attefall, the Swedish Minister of Health and Social Affairs (the Ministry which is the owner of Swedesurvey) he received a clear message that all our support is of great importance for China during the period when they are undergoing major changes and where land governance is one of the cornerstones to ensure sustainable development.

During the recent Third Plenary Session, where the 200 most influential people of the political leadership in China met, it was clearly expressed that it is the market economy that will guide the development and that the government will interfere as little as possible. It is the economic development that forms the basis for all other development in the society.

At the same time it is acknowledged that Chinese farmers have made enormous sacrifices and now they also must benefit from the economic progress. One way to secure this is to allow them to transfer and mortgage their land rights, i.e. similar to urban citizens. Swedesurvey is grateful and honoured to continue supporting the development in China, both at central and provincial level.