Training Course for Shandong province, China

Training Course for Shandong Provincial Department of Land Resource from China

The group consisted of 13 members with the group leader Mr. Yuan Zhenlin (fourth person in the front row), section director at the section for management of surveying and mapping branch in Shandong Provincial Department of Land Resource. The group participated in a three weeks training course in December 2014, organized by Swedesurvey AB.

The course included the following items:

  • General presentation of land/cadastre/real property management in Sweden
  • Swedish Cadastre Management System
  • 3D modelling and mobile mapping
  • Geodesy, CORS and Social Applications
  • The Swedish Integrated Real Property Information Management system and relevant laws
  • Expropriation and resettlement of Kiruna city
  • Information about the cadastre and real property registration process
  • DEM and LIDAR in Sweden
  • INSPIRE from European Union and its implementation in Sweden, NSDI, Data Sharing, Digital City and Global Environmental and Security Monitoring System
  • Swedish Real Property Market and Mass Evaluation System
  • Digital Archive and international cooperation experience
  • Information from Gävle and Haninge municipalities and the City of Stockholm regarding planning processes, GIS applications, development of digital city concept
  • SWOT analysis and group work
  • Information from Agency9 regarding effective publishing of 3D data to internet
  • Visits to other Swedish private companies to get information regarding outsourcing of aerial photographing and LIDAR scanning, and real property information sharing to a private bank

The course was very successful and all participants promised to locate the advanced Swedish experiences within the relevant areas into their daily work when they are back in China, especially Swedish data sharing mechanism, real property management (institution/organization and information system platform development which is relevant in high level with the current Chinese situation for the time being) and social application development for surveying, mapping and GIS technologies.

Swedesurvey and the group agreed to exchange more information and knowledge in the coming years.