Contract award

Swedesurvey has been awarded the contract for implementation of the twinning project "Reduce Discrepancies between the Physical Reality and the Graphical Cadastral Information" in Jordan for the Department of Lands and Survey. Kadaster from Netherlands is our partner in the project. The project is starting in December, 2015 and will last for eighteen months.

The overall objective of the Twinning project is to develop a sustainable land management system in Jordan based on the Geographical Cadastral Information.

The purpose of the project is to achieve a complete and verified cadastre system with accurate, compared with reality, and up-to-date information, easily accessible, including buildings and data improving the cadastral services by simplifying and enhancing the cadastral procedures, strengthening the capacity building and increasing the institutional cooperation, including data sharing.

The project has been organized under five main result components: 

  • Component 1: A strategy and implementation plan, to reduce discrepancies between the physical reality and the graphical cadastral information, is compiled.
  • Component 2: Building information representation in the cadastre has been improved in a pilot area.
  • Component 3: Re-engineered and simplified cadastral procedures have been prepared.
  • Component 4: Capacity building action plan is improved and prepared.
  • Component 5: Institutional co-operation and exchange of information has been agreed upon between the main stakeholders.

This award comes in recognition of the comparative advantages offered by Swedesurvey as well as Sweden’s long tradition of development and use of land information to contribute to sustainable social and economic development.

This project is financed by the European Union under the Support to the Implementation of the Action Plan Program (SAPP-III). Twinning Number: JO14/ENP/JH/26 - EuropeAid/136623/DH/ACT/JO